Private and Verified Projects have landed

Brands who are working on confidential sourcing requests can now hide their projects from other brands, search engines and other non logged in users.
Sourcing Playground Private & Verified Project

Sourcing Playground allows brands to post projects detailing products they are looking to get manufactured from outsourced manufacturers and suppliers. Projects give information including: products, quantities, designs, specifications etc.

The projects are sent to manufacturers within the community that match the products that have been highlighted in the projects and suppliers can then send quotations and proposals for the brand to review, compare and select a supplier that is the most suitable.

We have now launched private & verified projects

If you are working on a confidential sourcing request you can now upgrade your project to become private & verified.

By upgrading to private & verified, your project will be hidden from other brands and non-logged in users. It will not be shown in the public project list and cannot be found via search engines to make sure it stays private.

Another benefit of the private & verified projects is that we check and verify your company information to ensure you get better quality quotes. Suppliers knowing that brands have been checked will provide better quality quotes as they are reassured that the companies have been verified.

What we check?

Sourcing Playground checks key company information for all private & verified projects.

We ask brands for the following information which we verify to make sure they are a real, legitimate brand. This helps to create credibility for your company and project to make sure you get the best quotes and responses from suppliers.

  • Your company name
  • Company registration number
  • Website

How do I upgrade to post a private & verified project?

  1. Post your project or click this link
  2. Go through the steps completing your project – highlight the products you are looking to source
  3. When you get to step 5 you will be prompted to choose either a Free project or Private & Verified. Select Private & Verified then click next.
  4. You will then need to either register an account (if you have not yet done so) or log in.
  5. Then you will be asked to provide your card details to pay for the upgrade.
  6. Once payment has been taken you will be notified to confirm that your project has been posted.
  7. A member of the Sourcing Playground team will then be in touch with you, asking you to provide the company information for us to verify your company.
Sourcing Playground Upgrade Private & Verified Projects
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