What is a Trade Association / Organisation and How Can They Help Me?

Trade Associations focus on collaboration between companies and offer services such as conferences, networking & more …

Finding international suppliers can be an arduous task which involves extensive research, attending events or trade fairs. At Sourcing Playground, we help buyers connect with proven suppliers using reviews and ratings to build trust. You choose your supplier based on price, reliability and effectiveness with regards to your product, however, it is hard to keep up with industry changes and regulations.

This is where Trade Associations come in; these are organisations founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry. An association will work in the collective interest of its members and their clients. They participate and focus on collaboration between companies and offer services such as conferences, networking events and educational materials. Many of these associations are non-profit and governed by laws set out by the elected directors in the country of origin. Their main goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers conduct their business whilst meeting social and environmental objectives.

If a company or supplier is registered with a trade association, this suggests they are verified as one of the top professionals in their chosen field. There is no obligation for a supplier to be part of a trade association however, this does show that they are trustworthy and have proven themselves in the sector. Also, as a part of a trade association a supplier can easily adapt to rapidly changing regulations, technologies and standards in their sector.

Services & Support Offered By Trade Associations

  • Dispute resolution scheme.
  • Protect and improve customer service standards; set standards and regulations each member must adhere to.
  • Improve industry image by encouraging and assisting businesses in fair and sustainable trading. Also run advertisements to raise awareness on opportunities available within the organisation.
  • They can undertake research and development to innovate new products and processes to adapt to the changing market.
  • Negotiate international trade agreements.
  • Provide market information to members with regard to consumer preference, expectations and market opportunities.
  • Render advice and information relating to the sector and provide references with regard to the reputation and worthiness of its members.

What Can Trade Associations Offer Me and How Do I Contact Them?

As a buyer looking to source products or materials internationally, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations involved when engaging with your chosen market. Trade Associations will be able to help offer consultancy and advice for any product legislation, certification required and legal aspects you need to be aware of when importing and selling into a specific country.

Trade Associations can offer further expert advice on the top suppliers available to you, they can produce extensive data from research into your sector of choice, the nature of trading with your products in their country and how to go about dealing with any of their suppliers. As they promote business and trade in their country with no commercial motive, it is in their best interest to work with the best suppliers their country has to offer. This gives, you the buyer, assurance that working with a supplier found on our platform and connected to the association will result in a top of the line product.

They also offer events and educational materials for international buyers just starting out in the sector, so you can carry out your own research and be well informed before making any big decisions.

Should you reach a disagreement with a supplier, they also offer dispute resolution and advice with regards to contracts or legal matters. This prevents its members from indulging in unfair trade practises and promotes development in the industry.

Trade associations have a lot to offer international buyers looking to enter import/export agreements with suppliers. They can help advise on best practices and things to consider when entering new agreements with overseas companies from a legal stand point.

Sourcing Playground helps provide online tools to help you find and work with global, trusted suppliers. Trade associations can assist you with the resources needed to import, sell and navigate your way through the sector.

To get in touch with a trade association, research their contact information and head office location to discuss your project, products and where you would like to sell. With this information, they can advise you on how best to tackle the market and which agreements with any suppliers found through us suit your best interest.

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