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Every week we showcase brands who are doing things better. Whether that’s producing from more ethical sources or reducing harm on the environment using sustainable materials.
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This week’s Better Brand is Hållbart.


Hållbart by Gabriella Angel is a Stockholm based design concept which is producing unique designs, out of upcycled material.

Gabriella is an upcoming and independent fashion designer, who has just finished two years of practical training with Marie Teike (an award-winning Swedish sustainable fashion designer and co-founder of the non-profit brand Remake).

Gabriella is now exploring her own designs using the knowledge she acquired through Remake.

Fashion also runs in the family. Tailoring has been a family occupation for generations.

Gabriella’s role model has always been her tailor grandfather Bengt Wiktorsson from Linköping, a city in south east Sweden, with whom she spent a lot of time with growing up.

Visions and Values

“Hållbart sees fashion as an artform in terms of expression and not consumption. We are really trying to be an advocate or influencer in a more sustainable, creative, and fun way of consuming clothes. The label is really about spreading awareness about sustainable fashion, upcycling, and remaking. The main intent is that we all achieve global climate goals for this next decade, in a collective way”

We like the fact that Hållbart has a focus on fun! It sounds a bit mutually exclusive, when used along with the term climate change.

Yes, climate change is serious and needs to be dealt with as a worldwide priority. However, this does not preclude actions that are fun or enjoyable.

Essentially Hållbart’s approach is to use a carrot rather than a stick, to get consumers to change their consumption habits in order to repair the planet.

It makes sense when you think about it. Positive reinforcement is better that negative reinforcement (In our opinion, at least)


Hållbart upcycles used textiles for all apparel. Upcycling is essentially using old items to make new items, without any processing or addition of new materials.

We are big fans of upcycling!

For a good explanation of upcycling, click here.

Materials are usually found in local charity shops.

This is important, as keeping things “local”, is more sustainable than looking for materials in other cities or countries. Material for new designs can come from a variety of used material. Often these are materials not traditionally associated with clothing, such as old curtains, tablecloths, blankets, sheets, etc.

This also means that no two pieces that Hållbart produces look exactly the same.

All apparel is;

  • Unique
  • Upcycled 
  • Highly sustainable.

Hållbart is also a prime example of Slow Fashion.

They only take custom orders on demand.

 Hållbart is not about getting people “to buy their stuff”. Rather to inspire people to “wear, tear, repair, and share”.

This is a pretty fresh way of looking at things in the current world of mass overconsumption, that is encouraged by many, if not the majority, of apparel brands.

This is something we are always looking for when we do our “Better Brand” feature!

In addition to this, Hållbart strives to spread awareness about sustainable fashion globally.

Gabriella is currently writing as a fashion blogger and is also the co-editor for the upcoming sustainable fashion forum, founded by environmental expert Caroline S Asante.

The forum will launch this month, so keep an eye out!

Hållbart is also always open for collaboration with any inspiring and likeminded people who are working for the common goal of a better and more sustainable planet.

So, if you have an idea, Gabriella is always willing to listen. And who knows? It could be the start of something great!

For more on Gabriella and Hållbart  check out their Instagram feed

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