What are verified suppliers?

Launching our newest membership to continue our mission of connecting brands with better suppliers.
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Following the feedback we’ve had from our users, it is important that we continue to verify our user base both buyers & suppliers.

You can read more about how we verify brands here.

We have now introduced a new tier of supplier membership where we will conduct a desktop check to verify the supplier and their company.

Why do we do this?

We never want to suggest which supplier is right for brands. Every brand has their own needs, compliance requirements, and specialities with their sourcing. What is right for one company is not necessarily right for the other.

However, we recognise that brands need a certain level of reassurances regarding the companies they are dealing with. We have launched our verified suppliers to provide brands with reassurances that key business information has been checked and approved by a member of our team.

What is a verified supplier and how do we check the company?

Verified suppliers have had key business information and company details checked and approved by a member of the Sourcing Playground team.

We ask suppliers to provide:

  1. Company registration number
  2. VAT certificate
  3. A valid telephone / utility bill (valid from the last three months)
  4. If the supplier has passed any certification that we can approve then we know an on-site audit has been completed which confirms and verifies the company is legitimate.

Look out for the “Verified” badge next to their company name.

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