Better Brand: Zace

Every week we showcase more sustainable brands. Whether that’s producing from more ethical sources or reducing harm on the environment using sustainable materials. This week’s “Better Brand” is Zace.
Sustainable Brand Zace | Sourcing Playground
Photographer: Heather Tabacci


Zace is a brand that I have been following for a long time.

Their denim wear is really something else. It is the real McCoy!

Top-quality denim that is as authentic as you will ever see in your life, with a massive amount of attention paid to detail and product longevity.

Zace was established in 2001 in Los Angeles, by Zach Myers, and moved to rural Ohio in 2003.

All products are designed and technically developed by Zach and sewn by his staff of Amish sewers in the country side of rural Ohio.

90% of the construction is done on sewing machines without electricity and the other 10% is done on sewing machines that require electric and pneumatic assistance.

We see two great elements of more sustainable production here. Firstly, keeping production within the local community. Secondly, the use of mainly manual sewing machines.

This is something you don’t see very often these days, and not only has the benefit of saving energy, but takes you back to a time when slow fashion was the name of the game.

Slow fashion is something that we at Sourcing Playground are all for, and is another big plus in creating more sustainable apparel.

Photographer: Cory Piehowicz

Vision and Mission

“The Zace Brand stands for superior quality sewn goods. 
Each garment has been constructed to exceed the structural capabilities of any other denim garment offered worldwide, while being fashionable and functional. It is our vision and mission to continue educating the market place on the differences between premium sewn and cheaply mass-produced garments, while continuing to grow the Zace Brand market share domestically in the USA, as well as working with the finest boutiques worldwide who share in our devotion and passion for denim clothes.”

From following this brand for a long time, I have seen the feedback Zace gets from their buyers.

They all rave about the authenticity, quality, durability, and attention to detail of each and every item.

We all know that purchasing fewer, better quality, and longer lasting garments, is a lot more sustainable than purchasing a multitude of cheaper lower quality items. And Zace really make denim to last.


Zace’s range has grown to include staple work wear and casual wear products for men, women, and children such as;

Photographer: Heather Tabacci
  • selvedge denim jeans
  • overalls
  • jackets
  • hats
  • overall dress
  • skirts
  • shirts
  • bags.

One way Zace works to be more sustainable, is by focusing on not using any water or chemicals to process it’s sewn goods

All fabrics are raw and chosen for their natural mill finish. The brand is focused on using the highest quality materials such as USA sourced thread, buttons, selvedge denim, while also sourcing the finest Italian denim fabrics.

“By using the highest quality components and technical construction / design methods, our garments outlast most others offered in the market place by 7 to 1.”

Zach Myers also hits an important nail on the head.

“Most consumers aren’t aware that the fabrics they wear do not last very long due to the fact that they have been sewn with cheap materials by brands with relatively low-quality control standards. Many of these garments are also laundered in wet processing facilities in order to achieve the “worn” look.

During this process, the fibers of the fabric are broken down and become weakened. The excess water used is often discharged into rivers and streams, affecting the health and quality of life for humans around the world.”

“The “fast fashion” business model is incredibly harmful and  Zace believes in working to have a positive impact and soft footprint on the planet so that future generations will understand the difference between sustainable and unsustainable denim practices and the brands that achieved that.”

Photographer: Karim Ghonem

With the de-regulation of the hemp plant in the United States, Zace is also looking to integrating domestically grown and manufactured hemp into their product line up.

This is also a positive step, due to the inherent properties of hemp over cotton.

For more on the advantages of hemp as a fabric, check out this useful link.

For more on Zace Brand, check out their site.

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